Request for a WG Session on Certification

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Request for a WG Session on Certification

Postby Ingrid Dillo » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:32 am

RDA WG Session on Certification


The RDA Candidate Working Group on Certification of Digital Repositories has an active membership of 14 representatives coming from Europe, the US, India, South Africa and Australia.
The group submitted a draft case statement to the RDA in December last year. This statement has been discussed in a session at the IDCC13 conference in Amsterdam last month. Furthermore, some comments on the statement have been published on the RDA Forum.
We want to use the WG session to digest these comments and use them to improve our draft. We also expect that the outcomes of the requested BoF session with colleagues from the World Data System will have an impact on our work.


• Short introduction of the case statement

• Discussion on the comments received and the outcomes of the BoF session with WDS

• Discussion on the scope and deliverables of the group

• Defining work processes and next steps

Approximately 10 participants and some potential newcomers

We would need about two hours for this session.

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