Request for BoF session: a world-wide PID system

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Request for BoF session: a world-wide PID system

Postby uschwar1 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:43 am

It becomes more and more clear, that Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) play a crucial role for referring to any digital object whether created by manual or automatic workflows and accessing them in a dynamic world of data.

Persistent Identifiers are unique and persistent strings that can be resolved into meaningful information about data objects. This way PIDs build an abstraction for digital objects from their physical location by redirection, and give the ability to reference digital objects uniquely, even if they are physically moved to other locations. Additionally they contain valuable attributes
describing properties of data objects, as for instance the location of the corresponding metadata or data consistency information.

Since such PIDs are the mayor reference for data objects the demand for a world-wide PID infrastructure becomes obvious. There are already several approaches to improve the interoperability of the existing PID systems.

This BoF session will bring together interested experts and discuss the different aspects to be taken into account in order to build a world-wide PID infrastructure to every registered scientific data repository, to which belong:

- In order to use PIDs in a manner, that ensures the stability of redirection we need to ensure that PIDs are registered externally with recognized registries.
- To be useful PIDs must provide a level of indirection to dynamic attributes that both change and are essential to access, for example,location.
- To be useful PIDs must be associated with attributes that describe external properties of the data object such as links to stores of instances of the bit sequence, a checksum, citation data, mutability flag, etc.

We see a wide interest for such a session from research and data infrastructures. The BoF session will also be a possibility to bring together the participants of various related initiatives in RDA such as Data Type Registry, Data Foundation and Terminology, PID Information Types.

Motivators: Ulrich Schwardmann, Michael Lautenschlager, Daan Broeder
Participants: we expect about 25 participants
Duration: 1 hour meeting would be sufficient
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