Session Request for Metadata Working Group

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Session Request for Metadata Working Group

Postby janeg » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:34 pm

Dear Herman,

The Metadata WG would like to have a f2f meeting.
- Name of the group: Metadata
- Name of chairs: Jane Greenberg, Rebecca Koskela
- No. People: approximately 25 people
- Goals of the meeting: The meeting will focus on Metadata WG goals, priorities, actionable items that have been recently advanced and target areas that are feasible . A face to face discussion among active and new list/WG members in relation to RDA overriding goals, connecting with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative-Science and Metadata (DC-SAM) community and other initiatives is integral to moving forward. A more detailed agenda will be developed over the coming weeks. We anticipate interaction with other WG's. A chief outcome will be immediate and long-term/substantive areas where this group will press forward.
-Time needed: 4 hours of discussion time (2 different 2 hour meetings; we'd like our meetings to be on two different days, such as Day 1 and Day 2 or 3, so people can decompress and ponder)

Jane, Rebecca,and the WG
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