Discussion the governance of the RDA

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Discussion the governance of the RDA

Postby HermanStehouwer » Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:36 am

Hi all,

To quote the email from Mark:
The Research Data Alliance aims to increase data sharing. This means that the key work will be conducted by the Working Groups who enable and demonstrate improved data sharing approaches and by the wider community who adopt these approaches. To enable this work, there needs to be some support structures that help make it all happen. The (attached) Governance document describes an approach to governance that the RDA Organizing Group think worthy of wider consideration and discussion. The Organizing Group reviewed several organizational models from related community-driven organizations in creating this proposed structure. We hope to have defined something that empowers and promotes the working groups without imposing undue structure. The ideas in the document will be discussed at the first plenary, but we would really like to hear your views on whether the approach is a good one - both positive an negative impressions are really helpful! The goal is to build consensus at the Plenary. If the Council sense strong consensus the document will be finalized soon after the plenary as an initial working guideline for the RDA.

Please share your thoughts on the RDA forum

The governance document is attached to this post for clarity.
Please discuss
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Re: Discussion the governance of the RDA

Postby wmichener » Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:30 pm

I appreciate the fact that RDA wishes to be transparent and responsive to the needs of the community which is driving RDA, and that RDA is envisioned as a bottom-up (grass-roots) effort. However, it strikes me that governance by three Boards/Councils and a Secretariat is overkill for a bottom-up organization, and is likely to impede responsiveness and, possibly, reduce RDA transparency. Moreover, it is my experience that the more governing bodies an organization has, the greater is the need for rapid and comprehensive communication among all such bodies and the members. I know that RDA is an emergent organization, but it is not clear that neither communication nor transparency have yet been optimized. Thus, I wonder how essential it is to implement 4 separate bodies at this relatively immature stage of organizational development. Many currently successful community organizations start with a very lean organizational structure and only add additional governance structure as the need warrants such growth.
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Re: Discussion the governance of the RDA

Postby BalazsKonya » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:18 am

Neither the draft RDA governance document nor the public web page (http://rd-alliance.org/organisation/) describes the composition of top management body of RDA: the Council. It is unclear how the Council members were delegated, how new members are to be elected/appointed, whether the current members are on a temporary term.

The lack of this information is especially surprising in view of the available rather detailed description of the Technical Advisory Board composition.
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