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Re: Discussing "Contextual Metadata"

Postby janeg » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:40 am

Greetings...I'm really excited to see this focus on contextual metadata. The above points folks are making are important. The 6Rs are clever (and nicely framed). These Rs, together with the additional "types of relationships" on Brigitte's enhanced list, may frame context documentation more thoroughly than is often the case. Mark's above comment about provenance is particularly relevant (!!); and as this work progresses, it would be good to consider efforts in this area too.

*All -- as Brigitte notes, we have been in touch; and, it would be great if some of the context metadata discussion could carry over to the general metadata discussions too. Rebecca and I have made an open call for metadata topics as well. Looking forward to the Plenary, and talking more metadata... working on these challenging and important issues.
best wishes, jane
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