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Re: Practical Policy Working Group

Postby rwmoore » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:03 pm

A mediawiki has been established for sharing policies. The mediawiki can be accessed at ... cal_Policy

For an example, see Trustworthiness policies. A paper and an example replication assessment rule have been added.

Reagan Moore
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Re: Practical Policy Working Group minutes 2-14-2013

Postby rwmoore » Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:40 pm

Research Data Alliance - Practical Policy working group
Meeting minutes 2/14/2013
Submitted by Reagan Moore

Reagan Moore
Daniel Kurzawa
Rainer Stotzka
Marico Faerman
Claudio Cacciari
Alan Hall
Johannes Reetz

Not able to attend
Willem Elber
Jon Crabtree
Jens Ludwig

The topics covered in the teleconference include:
• Case statement changes for the Practical Policy working group
• Submission of policies to the MediaWiki
• Practical Policy session at the RDA meeting - 2-4 PM March 19

Case Statement:
Comments were received from the governing committee for two possible extensions to the case statement:
1. How to encourage broader participation (more persons of practice, more countries)
2. How to encourage engagement from sites with production policies.

The videoconference participants proposed outreach to international communities that are engaged in policy-based data management. Potential groups include:
• Dariah - Daniel Kurzawa is building policies for research data
• ANDS – Australian National Data Service
• Ohio State University policies for data management, quota control, data backup – they have a pdf file listing the policies
The Practical Policy group does encourage participation by other groups with the goal of identifying best practices for computer actionable policies. A simple statement will be added to the case statement emphasizing plans to encourage broader participation.

Policy submission:
Policies have been submitted to the Mediawiki at ... cal_Policy

The current set of categories for the policies will be revised over time to focus on policies of greatest interest. The policy description used by KIT for their policies is recommended for use by other groups. The policy description submitted by the DICE Center will be extended to include information similar to the KIT submission.

Other categories that may become relevant include:
• Best practices for backup
• Research analysis workflows
• Administrative policies

A discussion was held on the use of additional collaboration tools to elicit information from the community. In particular, the spread sheet that was originally created about community policies needs to be posted to the Mediawiki. This will be done shortly. A link to an external document management system may be needed for manipulating the spread sheet.

RDA Meeting:
The persons able to attend the RDA meeting in Gothenburg include:
Rainer Stotzka: I am in preservation and terminology
Johannes (RZG): I am in PID and Terminology
Daniel Kurzawe (GWDG Germany): Iam in metadata
Claudio Cacciari: Someone from CINECA should be able to attend.
Reagan Moore: I am in policy, preservation, teminology, metadata, PID

The focus for the Practical Policy group was considered. Of primary importance was the desire to:
- create momentum, start working and contributing
- initiate discussion about common practices that emerge from the group statements
- initiate discussion about motivation for implementing policies
- Initiate discussion about executable rules, an example is the replica integrity policy posted to the Mediawiki. This defined 17 components needed for a production rule
- Consider presenting a micro-tutorial on iRODS policy writing. The current members of the Practical Policy group all have access to an iRODS policy-based management system.
- Consider a framework for managing policies. Claudio: his site is creating policies with iRODS for long-term preservation, and for persistent identifiers. They can provide a set of rules and framework for executing them.
- Consider interactions with other working groups at RDA. Hopefully there will be a computer actionable policy that implements each best practice identified by the other RDA working groups. This will require close interactions with each working group. This should be emphasized to the governance committee.

A provisional agenda is listed for the Practical Policy working group session at RDA. This is a 2-hour session:

15 minutes – Introductions, and objective for each site participating in the meeting
15 minutes - Review of policies currently posted to the MediaWiki and how they are categorized
30 minutes - Discussion of which policy areas have been implemented, and identification of policy sets that should be considered for best practices
30 minutes - Discussion of appropriate technology for representing actionable policies. This can include how to convert between different types of actionable policy technology.
30 minutes - Plans for outreach to additional groups, plans for interaction with the other RDA working groups, and organization of sub-committees in specific policy areas within the Practical Policy group.

Other news:
The DICE group is interested in the integration of persistent identifiers with the iRODS data grid. The EUDAT approach for integration with the CNRI handle system is being considered. An iRODS ticket would be registered as the URL linking a handle to a file within the iRODS data grid.

The iRODS User Group Meeting is being held on February 28-March 1 in Garching, Germany. Currently 61 persons are expected to attend. The RDA Practical Policy working group will be advertised, and participation on development of best practices will be encouraged.
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e-IRG Practical Policy Working Group

Postby stotzka » Sun May 26, 2013 9:19 am

The practical policies group is cited in the e-IRG "draft White Paper 2013": ... r_2013.pdf

"The Practical Policy working group aims to gather running policies used for
data ingest, curation, provenance, exchange, etc. as they are currently being used in a number
of large data centres around the world. In a second stage they plan to offer a number of best-
practice practical policy sets for several policy frameworks that comply with various
standards. This way the current data centres can improve their policies and it will also make it
easier to start a new data centre. "
Rainer Stotzka
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